Bashing the food network, and taking a swipe at the bashers, too

Full Disclosure
Watching the Las Vegas episode of the marathon, I was reminded of my brush with (blogging) fame when Michael Ruhlman mentioned something I’d written. (See Defense of the Dog.) It may be that he was just showing that his writing is better than mine, but geez, it’s Ruhlman. He noticed something I’d written on Ferrán Adrià.

But why had no one contacted me about my recent witty post mentioning both Ruhlman and Bourdain. How prescient do I have to be?

Then I realized this post was still sitting, unposted, on my dashboard. Ooops.

Well here it is and for what it’s worth, I actually did write this last week and…oh never mind.

Better late than never
Fun post and commentary on Food Network Drivel in Michael Ruhlman’s überchef insider blog (or should it be überinsider chef blog?) All the more entertaining because it’s written by guest blogger, Anthony Bourdain.

In the food blogging world, I sometimes feel like I did in my CP* past, when I first began reading the Wall Street Journal. I couldn’t follow anything. It was like reading a different language. An executive who graduated from the same state school I attended (for which I nearly apologized in my self-effacing interview with her) advised me to stick with the WSJ.

She said it is an insiders’ source, one worth getting familiar with, and promised that with some perserverance – it would begin to make sense. I did, and it did. Fast forward several lifetimes, careers, and pink slips, to today. See Jackie write and cook and eat. And blog about cooking and eating.

The Macho World of Chefs
Some of the food blogs are the same way. Inside jokes, references to parties where only 50 or so of the achingly hip and celebrated chefs were in attendance, macho who-ate-what or drank-how-much references- you guys know who you are.

Well, in the universe of snarky-chef-cum food writers, Bourdain reigns supreme as the Chairman’s nephew would say. By the way, just how does a brocade-jacket-wearing-Les Mis-singing star get into the world of iron cheffing anyway? And what did his nephew do to inhereit the US franchise? But I digress.

Do click on Ruhlman’s blog for some entertaining food network bashing.

Macho, Macha
I like to think I could hold my own in the macho world. Maybe even someday earn the respect of someone like AB and get cool a nickname like “The Grill Bitch.” Doubt my chops?

Just remember:

For the record
I highly recommend Bourdain’s shows and his books. Even while he continues to ignore me, I remain convinced his writing is good. Straightforward, easy to read while still holding your attention with insightful observations about food and human nature.

Both the books and his shows reveal the human side of the made for TV persona. He’s not afraid to call it likes he see’s it and is also quite willing to laugh at himself. He offers us a window into the power of food and travel to change our lives. He does it with smart, snarky wit but also sensitive humor.

For these gifts I’ll remain grateful, even while remaining seated at the kiddie table of the food blogging meal.

*CP = Corporate Pussy

~ by jacqueline1230 on February 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Bashing the food network, and taking a swipe at the bashers, too”

  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for curmudgeons anyway, but Bourdain won my heart with his reaction to his first bite of deep-friend cheesecake at the Mall of America: “Jesus God, this is terrible.” I love that he was able to get away with that …

  2. He calls ’em like he sees ’em that’s what I like about him. One of the many things.

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