A microgravity bioreactor?

Sounds like something Marvin the Martian would use. I’m putting it at the top of my Christmas list. What is it and why? Here’s the first clue – there’s an empty decanter on my bar that until last night held some lovely single malt. Actually, it held quite a bit of it. It was a lovely evening, followed by a decidedly un-lovely next day.

While somewhere in the fog, I sense my brain reminding me that how I feel today is nature’s way of teaching me about moderation. Part of me even feels slightly virtuous that I have remembered this fact.

Yet, even as the fog is slowly lifting, I am taunted by
this article
in the BBC. Apparently, some scientists claim to have grown a small liver using stem cells and the microgravity bioreactor. I believe that the universe is actually mocking me. Somewhere, there is robust cosmic laughter at the coincidence of my stumbling upon this bit of news, today. Then again, it might just be Marvin I hear, laughing at this silly earthling.

Softly, please Marvin, softly.

~ by jacqueline1230 on November 4, 2006.

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