A note from yours truly, the “inhumane boor”

Brad King an “Organiser” [sic] of the “South Florida Animal Rights Meetup Group” did his cause no good by stooping to the same tired tactics as the name-calling, blood-tossing PETA fanatics. His broad, sweeping generalizations are typical in the food morality screeds these days.

King Brad, oops, I mean Brad King, takes it a step further by making completely incorrect and unfounded assumptions about my values, my lifestyle and my socio-economic status. For this he gets a “Bravo” from one of his followers, the only one of the few dozen members of his “meetup group” that are active on his message board to respond. From the looks of it, this group is pretty small in terms of actual active membershiop. It has 20 or so members that are listed as inactive and 14 that haven’t even posted on the message board in over a month.

Hopefully this means other members are sincere advocates for animal welfare and are too busy doing something meaningful like lobbying for school-based anti-hunger programs to bother with me or Brad and his message board. Or maybe they’re:

  • raising awareness of the many harms brought on by mindless intolerance?
  • helping to raise funds to spay and neuter strays? Anyone who’s been knows this is a huge problem in South Florida. Animals going hungry and suffering. Brad, are you there?

Maybe they’re helping friends find local South Floridian wines to enjoy with their vegan meals. That way they won’t harm the environment by senselessly importing wines or beers or trucking such items cross-country.

Could be they’re rescuing cows on their way to slaughter for use in leather shoes or sandals.

Well, if anyone other than Brad and his singular fan, care to actually read anything I’ve written, I wanted to offer a link or two here.

On the Locavore and 100 mile diet advocates:
Locavores and 100 mile dieters

One of my many pieces on the joys of sustainable, local agriculture and heirloom breeds:
Heirloom tomatoes – Apples of Love

On the value of farmers’ markets and the questionable “benefits” of Walmart’s entry into the organics market:
Farmers Market or Walmart

On a unique and wonderful oregano, hand-harvested by the Seri people (dwindling in numbers) and a cutting-edge, fair-trade project bringing the product to consumers and profits to the Seri people of the Sonoran desert:
All Oregano is not created Equal

I, unlike King Brad and his ilk, will also openly tell you of my conflicts and contradictions. Being human and all, I figure there’s no shame: I love foie gras, could eat a ton.

I really don’t love of food McCarthyism:First it was lobster
My hatred of intolerance:When Foie Gras is Outlawed…

My hope that all sides will recognize something familiar in this satirical “battle.”
Epic battle or excuse to turn on, tune in, drop out?

~ by jacqueline1230 on August 29, 2006.

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