En papillote with corn husks. Tamale style!

Wrapped up in Summer is another spin on the en papillote technique I covered in my recent column. Cooking with this technique is much easier than most people imagine and quite fun and dramatic.

Whether you use foil (very easy) or parchment paper (also pretty easy) or fresh corn husks (moderately challenging), you’ll find that the method has many benefits. Easy clean up is one, great flavor, less fat. But how about drama? Isn’t it fun to serve something unexpected? Imagine these little steaming packets, each diner gets his or her own to unwrap?

Contents and combinations are limited only by your imagination and what’s available.

Give it a shot. Write me for tips if you’re nervous. Remember: food should be fun.

~ by jacqueline1230 on August 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “En papillote with corn husks. Tamale style!”

  1. I never realized this term applied to the use of so many other media (is that the right word?). I guess I have been cooking en papillote for years. Whenever I go camping, one of my favorite foods is fresh corn on the cob. I peel back the husks, but leave them attached, then remove the silk. I then put back the husks, wrap in heavy duty foil, and place around the coals. In no time at all, I’ve got some tasty roasted corn on the cob to accompany my grilled rib-eyes or burgers! Yummy!!

  2. Corn is so good now. The fresher the better. Sugars turn to starch as soon as it’s picked. Only a few minutes needed. I like making a compound butter – my version was dubbed “Better-than-sex butter” at a BBQ. I’ve given versions of the recipe out, but Caleb keeps telling me to hold onto the secrets…

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