"If you’re looking for a fish, don’t climb a tree"

A favorite saying courtesy of a wise old Chinese father…might well apply to the news I read today.

The Boston Globe reports that (formerly of Excelsior, Biba, Locke-Ober, Pignoli, et alia) has filed a complaint against her business partners at Excelsior with the MCAD (Mass. Commission Against Discrimination). This is an obligatory first step before filing a civil suit claiming employment discrimination (in this case age bias) suit in the Commonwealth.

I have certainly enjoyed my share of Chef Shire’s pricey food, and I’ve had my share of drinks at the bar of her restaurant (while she and her husband held court at the other end.) I’ve also enjoyed my share of the scoop on “the industry” here in Boston. Word has it that Chef Shire has had issues similar to those cited by her erstwhile partners in the article (cost overruns, mismanagement) with at least one prior engagement on the left coast…

Reading the Globe article in the best light for each party, knowing what I know, I can guess that this has great potential to get ugly for both parties. More likely, (hopefully) they’ll reach a settlement before we get wind of all the dreck that’s out there to be plumbed. And (hope springs eternal) the litigants will be the wiser for the experience.

Don’t forget folks, Boston is a very small town, full of people with long memories. From my own experience I can tell you we also have no shortage of men running businesses here (whether 60 or 30) who believe any woman of substance or age over 30 deserves nothing more than lip service.

Gentlemen: If you’re looking for just a name, or some window dressing, don’t hire a woman of substance with a well-established big personality.

And if you’re looking for a fish, don’t climb a tree…

~ by jacqueline1230 on August 4, 2006.

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