So what’s with the Leather, you ask?

I have incorporated this name into my writing (a nom de plume is what now, nom de blog?) in the hopes of introducing more people to the unique place “the LD” is. In these days of rampant homogenization, it’s truly something to be treasured when a neighborhood can maintain an identity independent of the cookie cutter “improvements” eradicating so many of the remaining special urban places.

Rich in history and alive with anticipation, Boston’s historic Leather District is comprised of approximately 16 square blocks between the Financial District, 93 South, South Station/Ft. Point Channel and Chinatown.

The lofts originally were leather manufacturing facilities and many of the residences maintain rough hewn wooden floors with hand hammered nails, pressed tin ceilings and large open spaces.

Home to restaurants, clubs, cafes and businesses it also supports a growing number of loft residences. Like Greenwich Village or SoHo, the neighborhood maintains a funky urban grittiness, combined with a growing cosmopolitan feel. My mission is to bring gourmet food, or at least gourmet food writing to the LD.

~ by jacqueline1230 on March 9, 2006.

One Response to “So what’s with the Leather, you ask?”

  1. I’m so glad you clarified! Layout is great. Very similar to mine. I have been thinking of getting back in to blogging since the wedding is over, and you are inspiring me. Read your first column as well, and loved it! I will be passing on to everyone I can think of…

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